With Cessna 182
From Prague to Johannesburg


a) for the aircraft

b) for search and rescue

c) for survival

d) for staying on board

We are flying to countries where we can hardly expect what can happen. Therefore, we are taking spare wheels, spark plugs, gaskets, sealing, screws, africa 2012africa 2012tools in imperial units, pump to draw fuel from the jeriican to the aircraft, anchors for parking in wind. The type of equipment our parents used to have to drive to the beach in Bulgaria.

We will do our best to prevent an air crash. We are getting ready for all possible situations. Except for the standardized aircraft equipment, we are taking emergency transmitter ELT, a satellite telephone and a personal emergency locator PLB.

For emergency landing on water, we are bringing a waterproof baggage with drinking water, food and life vests. africa 2012

For emergency landing on land, we take: about 20 liters of drinking water, water filter Katadyn, 6 food packages MRE (Meal Ready to Ear) made by US Army. africa 2012 We hope we don’t have to eat those. We prefer something fresh.

Long daily stages on board of the plane complicate the body excretion. We spent some time to discuss how to do resolve your toilet needs within the space resembling the back seat of a car.



ICAO Dist. Flight

Dep Arriv NM Time City State

      Praha CR
LKLT LGTS 680 4:54 Thesaloniki Grece
LGTS LGIR 328 2:24 Iraklion, Grece
LGIR HELX 697 5:03 Luxor Egypt
HELX HSPN 450 3:37 Port Sudan Sudan
HSPN HDAM 584 4:40 Djibuti Djibuti
HDAM HAAB 300 2:28 AdisAbeba Etiopie
HAAB HKNW 629 4:39 Nairobi Kenya
HKNW HTMW 242 1:37 Mwanza Tanzania
HTMW HTSN 114 1:02 Serona Tanzania
HTSN HTAR 121 0:58 Arusha Tanzania
HTAR HTDA 261 1:50 Dar Es Salaam Tanzania
HTDA HTZA 40 0:20 Zanzibar Tanzania
HTZA FWKI 556 3:57 Lilongwe Malawi
FWKI FLLI 519 3:40 Livingstone Zambia
FLLI FALA 501 3:29 Lanseria South Afr.
FALA FABS 25 0:13 Brits South Afr.
Time and distance summary 6047 51:00,0    

Flight from Europe to South Africa: 11110 Km
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